Clink&Company Community

Clink&Company is a community of wine lovers who want to express their love of wine and be in the know about wine events happening in NYC.
We connect through our mutual affinity for wine, expressed through "wine personality" shirts that signify our "wine identity." Wine personalities resonate with a person via their preference of wine or by the phrase on the shirt. (If you can't decide, take the wine personality quiz on the Homepage to help you choose!).
Once you buy the top that best suits your taste, the experience is topped off with a weekly email about wine events happening in NYC that week where you can meet fellow wine lovers in the area!
If you're not ready to invest in a shirt (which is only the cost of a couple glasses of wine...) you can still sign up for our Weekly Wine Happenings newsletter which will inform you of a variety of events happening each week in the city. 
What are you waiting for? Join the Clink&Company Community today!
- Olivia (Founder and CEO)

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